سوالات و گرامر زبان انگليسي - زبان 3 - نمونه سوالات درس 4

سوالات و گرامر زبان انگليسي

زبان 3 - نمونه سوالات درس 4

نمونه سوالات درس 4

1 - كلمات داده شده را به طور مناسب در جاهاي خالي به كار ببريد .

( held – measure – organize – meeting – attracted – celebration – events – allow – competitions – excited)


1) When is Ali's birthday celebration ? I don’t know .

2) We held our meeting at the office last Friday .

3) What's that book about? It is about the events that occurred during the war .

4) That wrestler was very excited when he won the gold medal .

5) Our teacher promised to organize a school trip to Damavand.

6) Asian football matches attracted a lot of people last year .

7) Your final examination will be held next Saturday .

8) Let's go to the stadium to see the competitions among the athletes.

9) Reza wants to measure the length of the table .

10) Her husband doesn’t allow her to go out with them.

11) Who held the Olympic game ? The IOC


2 – با استفاده از كلمات مناسب از خودتان ،‌جملات زير را كامل كنيد .             


1) My father is a great wrestler . He won a gold medal last year .

2) The winter Olympic games are always held in countries with snow – covered mountains .

3) The day when you were born is called your birthday.

4) A person who is good at running, jumping, is called a (n) athlete

5) It is a day or time of rest from work . It is a (n) holiday.

6) A gold medal is awarded to the first of every competition .

7) The 15th of Shaban is a great religious celebration

8) It is given to the individual who places third in a competition. It is a bronze medal.


3- شكل صحيح كلمات داخل پرانتز را بنويسيد .


1) After a long discussion , they finally decided not to sell their car . (length)

2) Without the heat and light of the sun , people and animals will die . ( hot )

3) The length of that wooden  table is two meters. ( long)

4) I don’t know how they measure the height of a mountain. ( high )

5) The depth of the water here is over three meters. ( deep )

6) A bronze medal is awarded to the third place winner (win)

7) This river is very wide. We can hardly swim across it. ( wide )

8) The depth of the river can't be easily measured. (deep)

9) We measured the length of the table. (long )

10) He should swim the length of the pool. ( long )


4- بر اساس جمله داده شده ، جمله ناقص را كامل كنيد .


1) She told me, " Turn off the radio y."

She told me to turn off the radio  immediatel


2) The teacher told me, "Be careful about your pronunciation."

Our teacher told me to be careful about my pronunciation.


3) Jack told me, "Wash your shirt yourself."

Jack told me  to wash my shirt myself.


4) My mother told me, "."

My mother told me to clean my shoes before going out.


5) Parvin, "Please send the letter to me ."

Nahid asked Parvin to send the letter to her.


6) She said to him, "please bring your dictionary."

She asked  him to bring her dictionary.


7) The teacher told us, "Don’t put your books on your desks ."

The  teacher told  us not to put our books on our desks.


"Mary , please be quite."

Mrs Brown asks Mary to be quite.


5 – دستور زبان – بهترين گزينه را انتخاب كنيد.

1) I ordered the children ………….. much water to wash the car.

a) not use          b) don’t use       c) not using       d) not to use


2) We advised him …………… the promise.

a) not break       b)not to break    c) doesn’t break  d) not breaking


3) The teacher told his students …………… their time uselessly.

a) not to spend  b) don’t spend     c) not spending         d) not spend


4) They ordered him ……………. the bags to the second floor.

a) carried            b) to carry                c) carrying                          d) carry


درك مطلب هاي كوتاه


1) The winter Olympics are always held in countries with snow- covered mountains. These games include skiing, skating, ice hockey and so on. These sentences tell us that………… .

a) skiing is one of the winter Olympic games.

b) snow is not very important in the winter games.

c) skating is the only winter Olympic games.

d) The Winter Olympic are never held in countries where their mountains are covered with snow.


2) “When are you going to have your party?”

“It will be ………….  next Monday night.

a) held              b) paid              c) lost                                d) cost


3) Takhti is an Iranian athlete. He is the father of wrestling. It means that ……………

a) Takhti’s father was an athlete in wrestling.

b) Takhti was not great in wrestling.

c) Takhti had to be an athlete in wrestling as his father.

d) Takhti helped a lot to improve wrestling in Iran.


4) The Olympics consists of two – week summer games and ten – day winter competition. It means that ………………

a) they are as long as each other .

b) the first is shorter than the second.

c) the first is longer than  the second.

d) the second is not shorter than the first.  

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