سوالات و گرامر زبان انگليسي - سال دوم راهنمايي

سوالات و گرامر زبان انگليسي

سال دوم راهنمايي

6. It’s ---------- to twelve. It’s 11:45.  

a. past

b. fife

c. a quarter

d. fifty


7. It’s ---------- past two. It’s 2:15.  

a. fifteen

b. a fifteen

c. fifty

d. five


8. There are many books in the ----------. 

a. park

b. street

c. notebook

d. library


9. A: ---------- is your car?  B: White.   

a. What

b. Whose

c. What color

d. What time


10. A: ---------- is it?   B: It’s about eight o’clock.

a. What

b. Whose

c. What color

d. What time


11. Those cats are ----------.     

a. comb

b. dress

c. shoe

d. white


12. twelve / thirteen / ---------- /fifteen.  

a. forty

b. four

c. fourteen

d. forty - four


13. It’s 10:30. It is ten ----------.  

a. thirty past

b. thirty

c. half

d. half past


14. Don’t close the ----------. 

a. whiteboard

b. bicycle

c. window

d. wall


15. Listen to the ----------.   

a. map

b. book

c. point

d. teacher


16. ---------- home, please.  

a. Goes to

b. Go

c. Stand

d. Close


17. I have a ---------- in my bag.   

a. taxi

b. bus

c. glass

d. house


18. Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is ----------. 

a. Sunday

b. Monday

c. Wednesday

d. Saturday


19. Mina is my ----------.     

a. brother

b. father

c. sister

d. boy


20. Don’t stand up. ----------, please.

a. Sit down

b. Close

c. Look

d. Point




21.  ---------- come here.   

a. Aren’t

b. Isn’t

c. Don’t

d. haven’t


22. Listen ---------- the radio, please. 

a. at

b. to

c. up

d. in


23. Please go ---------- your school.  

a. to

b. at

c. down

d. up


24. It’s two minutes to four. It’s ----------.  

a. 2:04

b. 3:28

c: 3:58

d. 4:02


25. She has a girl.  ---------- name is Reza. 

a. My

b. Her

c. His

d. Your


26. Let’s ---------- this book.   

a. read

b. reads

c. reading

d. to read


27.  ---------- have a map.

a. Nima and I

b. This boy

c. Miss Irani

d. Reza


28.  ---------- a nurse.     

a. We’re

b. You’re

c. It’s

d. They’re


29.  ---------- a hen.   

a. It

b. It is

c. He is

d. she is


30. Are you and Ali students? Yes, ----------.

a. he is 

b. they are

c. it is

d. we are


31. Are you students? Yes, ----------.

a. I am

b. we are

c. they are

d. I’m


32.  ---------- a teacher? Yes, you are.

a. Am I

b. Is she

c. Are we

d. Are they


33. Are they shirts? No, ---------- jackets.

a. they aren’t

b. it’s

c. they’re

d. this is


34. That is a ----------. 

a. umbrella

b. apple

c. eye

d. glass


35.  A: ---------- pens are those?   B: Ali’s.  

a. What

b. What time

c. What color

d. Whose


36. ---------- pens are Ali’s.    

a. They

b. That

c. Those

4. It


37. It is ----------.

a. a green

b. green book

c. a green book 

d. green books


38. Their brother has a car. It’s ---------- car. 

a. his

b. your

c. her

d. their


39. There are ---------- in the street.

a. ten car

b. ten cars

c. a cars

d. many car


40. There ---------- many soldiers in the picture.

a. isn’t

b. aren’t

c. haven’t

d. is

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